# Hi, I just received the parcel today~
Thx a lot. :) I love it so much. ;D
- sweetie who 2 Customized Bracelets.

# I've received the bracelets and I love them all, thank you lots for the customization :) All the best for your business and may it flourish!
- sweetie who bought Native Bracelet, Customized Soar bracelet and Boho Chic.

# Hi dear! Forgot to update you. Got it yesterday :D Love itttt <3 Thank you so much! Will be looking forward to more of your updates :) Have a great week now~
- return/ previous customer who bought That Starlet Bracelet.

# Hi i received my parcel yesterday. Love it! Keep up the great work :)
 - sweetie who bought Queen of Spade Bracelet, Gypsy Lady I, Wanderlust II, Clandestine Love and A Starry Tale.
# Loving my boho bracelet! Another staple accessory to add to my collection! Thank you very much XOXO, Andrea ♥ :)
 - sweetie who bought Boho Chic Bracelet.

# Hello! Sorry for the late feedback, I received my items so quickly ahah! Can't believe you guys complete custom orders so quickly! Will definitely be coming back. Heheh. Please do add me to your mailing list if you have one! Loved everything and it fit perfectly. Aah *-* Thanks again!
- sweetie who bought 4 Customized Bracelets, Soar Bracelet and Evoked Necklace.

# The red and black is really lovely! Soar too!!! Thank you! Gotta try the size tho for the red one but I think shuuud be ok.
- sweetie who bought Customized Bracelet and Soar Bracelet

# Hello Andrea! I have received my bracelet, it's soooo lovely. Thank you so much, would buy more from you in the future! :)
- sweetie who bought a Customized Bracelets

# hi, I received the items. The gypsy lady was pretty. Lucky you help me reduce 2cm. It look so great. The love affair look so romantic. Do update me if have any latest item or promo :) Thank you very much.
- sweetie who bought Gypsy Lady II Bracelet and Love Affair Necklace

# Hi Andrea,
I have received the goods and it was wrapped up real good. Thank you :)
The ring looks lovely but I would love it even more if the ring has a vintage look to it so. And the earrings are cute and just of right size to wear everyday.
Will do a review on my blog and update you once I have done so. Thanks!
- sweetie who bought In D'Garden Earrings x2 and Bloom Dahlia Ring

# Hey babes, I got the ring already~ fits my finger. Thanks ! :)
- sweetie who bought Bloom Rose Ring

# Hye, i hv received the rings. They are very lovely + sweet :DD. hehe.. Thank you :DD
- sweetie who bought Bloom Dahlia Rings

# Heyy. I've received the Sandwich Cookie ring ya! It's very cute (: Thanks a lot .
- sweetie who bought Sandwich Cookie Ring